Our Mission

The Balmoral Homeowners Association works closely with its membership and community agencies to:

  •  build spirit and foster a strong and caring community
  •  maintain neighbourhood safety and security
  •  increase community involvement
  •  keep the neighbourhood well maintained
  •  protect and enhance the investment in our homes
  •  monitor local development
  •  influence decision making at the local, provincial and federal levels of government, and
  •  help the needy.

Our History

History of Area

Prior to 1989 the land on which our homes sit today was a vacant airport right of way immediately east of the Downsview Air Force Base . In 1998-99 Bramalea obtained this last large parcel of land in the area and began development of the first half of the Balmoral community. The original vision for an exclusive, self-serviced gated community changed as the market changed. The second half of the Balmoral community was developed by Shane Baghai and Tribute builders.

Balmoral Time Capsule

The centrepiece of Balmoral is undoubtedly Joel Swirsky Parkette encircled by a quaint cobblestone roundabout in Joel Swirsky Boulevard. Buried at the base of a soaring copper sundial is a time capsule. The Balmoral Time Capsule was sealed by Mr. Ben Swirsky, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bramalea Limited on September 14, 1989 at the Grand Opening of the Balmoral Community. It is dedicated to the First Residents of Balmoral and is scheduled to be opened on September 14, 2014 by the City of North York (now Toronto).

The Original Balmoral Homeowners Association

The original Balmoral Homeowners Association was formed in 1991 and was chaired by Ron Richardson. The group collected funds from the original homeowners that enabled them to deal with several issues and provide services to the community. Some examples included:

  • BHA gave homeowners a unified voice to negotiate with developers.
  • As the community developed, BHA was there to establish architectural standards that made Balmoral a distinct and attractive community.
  • BHA lobbied with city to improve services – sidewalks, walkways and roadway maintenance
  • BHA participated in city planning for the lands on Wilson Heights (Downsview Air Base Land Development Committee).

In the early years, BHA worked together by organizing events, solving problems and providing community services, for example:

  • spraying and pruning grass and rose bushes along Wilson Heights
  • establishing community programs and events such as a Balmoral Playgroup, a Summer Carnival and Neighbourhood Watch
  • hiring a joint advocate to facilitate a Tax Assessment Review
  • liaising with Toronto Police to keep us updated on community safety and related issues.

Renewal of BHA in 2003

Several members of the Balmoral Community met at the Montecassino Hotel on November 13, 2002 to talk about issues facing the community. At the conclusion of the meeting, a group of volunteers agreed to meet and explore issues raised at the meeting, make plans to renew and refocus BHA and communicate them to all members of the community.

The BHA Volunteer Committee comprised of:

  Adrianna Bertucci 19 Joel Swirsky
  Maria Dimanno 17 Ambassador Place
  Enza Fierro 6 Thamesford Court
  Michelle Fidani 21 Tillingham Keep
  Leslie Goldenberg 28 Joel Swirsky
  Evie Jessin 38 Bowring Walk
  Louie and Lina Naccarato 81 Bowring Walk
  Carolyn Monaco 48 Bowring Walk
  Zan Molko 11 Fairgate Close
  Ron and Marlene Richardson 34 Bowring Walk
  Shirley Shapero 13 Bowring Walk
  Ken and Valerie Stief 43 Bowring Walk
  Tova Greenberg 57 Bowring Walk

Members came from all over the neighbourhood and represented a variety of perspectives of homeowners who have moved into the community since its beginning. They recognized the need to develop a strong voice to represent residents’ concerns and protect the integrity of the community. A mission statement was formulated to guide the association in its efforts to build community spirit and make Balmoral the ultimate community to live in within the booming metropolis of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

The Balmoral Homeowners Association was formally incorporated on July 3, 2003. Residents of Balmoral are eligible for membership in BHA. The Initiation Fee was set at $200.00 per household, with annual membership renewal set at $100.00. The membership year begins on November 1. The fiscal year ends on April 30. The Annual General meeting (AGM) is usually held in early November. A call for nominations for elections to the BHA Board goes out 30 days prior to the AGM.

BHA Accomplishments

Some of the major accomplishment of the BHA since its rebirth in 2003 are:

  • Repair and repainting of ornamental ironwork in community, a $23,000 project, at no cost to the community.
  • Installation of a water park in the parkette
  • replacement of the playground, a $100,000 project at no cost to the community
  • installation of lighting in rotary park
  • planting of annuals in rotary park
  • repair of cobblestone circle on Joel Swirsky Boulevard
  • refinishing and sealing of stone paving in rotary park
  • planting of flower beds at Wilson Heights Entrance
  • maintenance and upkeep of public grounds and areas
  • food drive for North York Food Bank.

Contact BHA

The association needs members to join the Board and/or volunteer to organize community activities to make Balmoral a more vibrant and desirable community to call home.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Ron Richardson at bha1@sympatico.ca.



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